Twitter Apps for iOS, the Apple Watch and MacOS

January 12, 2018

Apple Watch users noticed in September 2017, that Twitter had disappeared from the Apple iTunes App Store, no longer referencing it as compatible with the Apple Watch. In fact, the Twitter Watch App was removed in iOS version 7.8. In my opinion, the Twitter app for the Apple Watch was by far the best Twitter app for the Apple Watch. Although some apps may not be ideal for the Apple Watch, I feel that Twitter’s Apple Watch app was spot on, and for anyone using Twitter, would have been one of their core apps.

What are the alternatives?

Tweetbot by Tapbots for iOS and MacOS

Tweetbot for Twitter by Tapbots and Twitterific for Twitter by The Iconfactory (for iOS) are very strong 3rd party apps for mobile and the Mac, but being a user of both, I feel their Apple Watch apps are lacking, by comparison. Twitter's iOS app would allow adjustments to the types of notifications you wished to receive and would only push notifications to either your watch or iPhone based on which one you were using at the time.


Tweetbbot by Tapbots

Tweetbot for iOS and MacOS by Tapbots

Tweetbot for Apple Watch allows you to view your recent activity, reply to mentions, direct mentions and compose a tweet using force press.

Tweetbbot by Tapbots

Twitterific for Twitter by The Iconfactory for iOS

Twitterrific for Apple Watch allows you to view your most recent activity and reply to mentions, direct messages via dictation, receive notifications, follow new users, and favorite tweets.