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Apple iOS 11.1 Update

Apple released iOS 11.1 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on October 31st.  This software update includes bug fixes and improvements and over 70 new emoji.  Hundreds of new emoji characters including new food types, animals, mythical characters, clothing options more expressive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters The return of 3D Touch (used for more… Read More Apple iOS 11.1 Update

MacOS and iOS Updates

iOS 11 Bugs

Many Apple users have complained about the numerous bugs in iOS 11, probably more than any other major Apple iOS release.  Most of these complaints like the inability to install the iOS update, fast battery draining (I had to charge my iPad every single day), charging issues, cellular data and WI-FI issues, bluetooth connectivity, AirPod… Read More iOS 11 Bugs

Apple iPhone, MacOS and iOS Updates, Software and Security Updates

iTunes 12.7 and how it will affect syncing iOS apps

After the Apple product announcements on September 12th, a new version of iTunes appeared.  With the iTunes 12.7 release, users will no longer be able to make purchases in macOS to sync back to their device or use iTunes to manage app content, including icon management.  The App Store is gone as well as iTunes… Read More iTunes 12.7 and how it will affect syncing iOS apps

Mobile Apps, Software and Security Updates

Countable – Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

The Countable mobile app for iOS and Android platforms has been featured on the Today Show, The NYTimes, MSNBC, Politico and can be found in the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Today’s political world is rift with conflicting views about some of the most controversial issues including the affects of climate change on our… Read More Countable – Contact Congress and Vote on Bills