Apple may be looking to cut iPhone X costs in 2018

October 19, 2017

The rumor mill has it that Apple is looking to cut iPhone X costs for consumers in 2018 models including many, if not all iPhone X technologies in new models with rumored code names "Lisbon" and "Hangzhou." This price decrease is said to be directed at the Chinese market but is expected to be seen elsewhere. If these code names are accurate, it would be the first time Apple has considered using a city name for their iPhones, which generally have alphanumeric code names. The iPhone 8 is said to be called Ferrari.

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X pre-orders are still scheduled to begin October 27th with the first shipments scheduled to arrive on Nov 3rd.


One of 1st-known Android DDoS malware infects phones in 100 countries

August 28, 2017

Last year, a series of record-setting attacks hitting sites including KrebsOnSecurity and a French Web host underscored a new threat that had previously gone overlooked: millions of Internet-connected digital video recorders and similar devices that could easily be wrangled into botnets that challenged the resources of even large security services.


Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

August 11, 2017

The Countable mobile app for iOS and Android platforms has been featured on the Today Show, The NYTimes, MSNBC, Politico and can be found in the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Countable - Contact Congress and Vote on Bills

Todayís political world is rift with conflicting views about some of the most controversial issues including the affects of climate change on our environment, energy policies, the governmentís role in funding science initiatives, food safety, drug abuse, healthcare and education. Countable allows you to view upcoming bills, vote on them with one tap voting, and then see how your representatives vote on those issues. One reviewer said the following about Countable:

Countable excels in global awareness, critical thinking & problem solving, communication, social/cross-cultural skills, leadership & responsibility, and civic/information/media literacies. It is truly the most impressive app when considering just 21st century skills.

Some Countable features are as follows: